Adam S. Johnson

My dear friend & colleague Khalid AlQoud was a distinguished official guest of the United States of America, invited by Embassy Manama to participate in the U.S. Department of State’s prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program. I was formerly a Liaison in the State Dept, and had the distinct privilege and pleasure of leading this delegation in August & September 2013 cross-country on the ‘Social Change Makers’ project. During this three week project I experienced Khalid’s leadership adeptness in meetings & engagements, powerful ability to involve and understand people, and the true admiration shown Khalid by his fellow leaders. He is highly intelligent, a passionate & tireless public servant, culturally & socially conscious, and his business innovation limitless.

Khalid has a great understanding of social progress through community engagement & politics, an acute attention to detail, and the wherewithal to use these insights to establish comprehensive and enduring collaboration in the Arabian Gulf and beyond. He also recognizes and deeply respects the power of knowledge & education, and the responsibility to share this with people/community/society/nation.